I left the last clinic I went to due to the staff being so rude…the first impression I got when I came to Dr. Mettetal’s clinic was how friendly and kind Joyce was…she is the office supervisor and she really treated me like a person…my cousin had referred this clinic to me and she really liked the staff and the doctor…I have been coming for several months now and I love the way I am treated…Dr. Mettetal helps us in every way he can…great doctor


I liked this clinic the first time I walked in the door…Joyce and the staff were so awesome…treated me with respect and kindness…I love Dr. Mettetal…he took almost two hours with me on my first visit…he really cares about us addicts….Dr. Mettetal was more interested in why I became an addict and no doctor had ever spent more than 10 minutes with me and never asked that question…this doctor has helped me so much spiritually, emotionally and because of his counseling and caring I am now only on the drug suboxone….I no longer take other opiods..I love this doctor and clinic


I love this clinic…I really was impressed that this clinic has a medical setting rather than looking like a pill mill…patients do not have to wait more than 10-15 minutes and there are only 2 or 3 patients waiting to see the doctor…I know that Dr. Mettetal really cares about his patients…he has a passion for his job…he is great with helping us with minor medical issues also at no extra cost…I love the staff also…so friendly and kind…Joyce has gone out of her way to help us..


Dr. Mettetal has done wonders for me emotionally, medically and his counseling really has changed my life…he takes time with me, listens because he really cares..Joyce and the staff are so nice and go out of their way to help the patients