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An effective treatment program must rely on evidence-based practices, which are proven through science-based research.

Science Matters

Although opioid dependence is a complex and devastating condition, with proper treatment it can be controlled effectively. What sets Dr. Mettetal and his clinic apart from the rest is the emphasis he places upon providing proper counseling and support in addition to a customized buprenorphine/naloxone (SUBOXONE®) treatment plan. This “whole patient” approach is known as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Personalized Care

Receiving consistent, personalized care from a doctor you have established a relationship with is vital throughout this process, therefore, each session you will meet with Dr. Mettetal.

Minimal Waiting Time

Your time is valuable, therefore we minimize waiting times by spacing out appointments so that each patient receives adequate time with the doctor.

Courteous Staff

We ensure our patients are always treated with kindness and compassion by limiting our staff to those who can be non-judgemental and empathetic towards others.


A small private office and waiting room means no crowds, more privacy, and adequate time with the doctor.


Competitive visit rates with minor medical and psychiatric illnesses treated at no additional cost.

You are not alone

Remember, you are not alone. You are fighting a battle and deserve to have an army on your side.